Winiger/Koziol/Koch/Zimmermann (Hrsg)

Essential Cases on Natural Causation


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ISBN: 978-3-7046-5885-2
Erscheinungsdatum: 8.2.2007

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This volume of the 'Digest of European Tort Law' is the first product of a most ambitious research project: a collection of court decisions from almost all European jurisdictions on the most fundamental aspects of tort law. These cases are not only accumulated, but also structured, analysed and commented both from a national as well as a comparative perspective. Historical aspects are also considered, as are future trends, as outlined by current projects on the harmonisation of European tort laws. This complex comparative study shall thereby not only offer guidance for researching cross-border cases, but also allow a discussion of such harmonisation projects on the basis of real-life case settings. This first volume covers one key aspect of tortious liability ¿ natural causation. The conditio sine qua non rule is examined and tested throughout all jurisdictions, in particular with an eye on whether and to what extent courts are willing to deviate from the strict concept of this formula.

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Prof. Dr. Bénédict Winiger, University Geneva; Prof. Dr. Helmut Koziol, European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law; Prof. Dr. Bernhard A. Koch, Institut für Zivilrecht, Universität Austria; Prof. Dr. Reinhard Zimmermann, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisch

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