The Triple M of Organizations

Man, Management and Myth


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What has management to do with myths? And how does gender enter the stage? This book identifies frequently used key arguments in gender discussions on management and organizations and will unmask them as myths. Be it that management is rational, be it that organizations are gender-neutral, be it that women will change technology, will be shown to be a set of superficial declarations not withstanding critical scrutiny. All the "reasons" for gender-specific organizational phenomena will be proved to exist simply to maintain power structures and thereby systematically (but subtly) reproduce dominant organizational cultures and stabilize taken-for-granted knowledge in particular with respect to gender issues.The demystification of selected organizational phenomena is based upon several of the author's recent research projects and empirical studies.

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Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger is full professor for "Gender and Diversity in Organizations" at the Vienna University of Economics (WU Vienna) and head of the Gender and Diversity Management Group. She is chairperson of the CEMS-Faculty Group "Gender and Diversity Management".

Professor Hanappi-Egger studied computer science at the University of Technology Vienna and holds a PhD in Technical Sciences. She teaches and researches in the area of diversity management from a multi-disciplinary perspective. She has been research scholar at several international research institutions (such as Stockholm University, the University of Toronto, the Work Research Institute Oslo, the Santa Fe Institute New Mexico, the University of Frankfurt and recently LSE).

Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger has published more than 200 articles on gender and technology, diversity management and organization studies. She was head of the Senate at WU (2006-2009), is a member of the University Board of the Technical University Graz and member of the ¿Young Faculty¿ of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Her work has been recognised by several awards, such as the ¿Hrabak Prize¿ for her PhD thesis (1990), an APART grant of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (1993-1996), the Honour Prize of the Catholic Women¿s Movement for the publication "More than Money" (2009) and the research contract of WU (2010).

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