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State and Religions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria: A Legal Framework for Islam in a European

Summary of the scientific contributions to the international conference held under the same title on 28 and 29 September 2016 in Sarajevo


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Legal framework for islam: two european "role model" states?

European societies are, and will become even more so increasingly diverse. Human mobility, to varying degrees and for different reasons, will be an inherent feature of the 21st century, on a European as well as a global scale. States are called upon organising diverse societies to guarantee peace and full enjoyment of individual rights for all citizens. Inclusive societies need to be built on the basis of fundamental values including democracy, the rule of law, and the respect for fundamental rights. Freedom of religion and belief, as well as the right to equality and non-discrimination are important elements to this end. Education is pivotal in this context.

Which legal frameworks and structures have proven useful for intercultural and interreligious harmony? Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria share a history of secular neutrality of the State vis-à-vis religion, while maintaining equally good relations with all religions present in the State.

Within the European Union, important questions pertaining to values and cultural and religious diversity are currently being discussed; an exchange on best practises is explicitly encouraged. This publication aims at contributing to this European conversation, drawing on the shared history of our two countries. Can Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria serve as models of a legal framework for Islam in a European context?

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Prof. Dr. Enes Karic
University of Sarajewo

em. Prof. Dr. Richard Potz
University of Vienna

Dr. Denise Quistorp
Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

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