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Dillinger/​Getzner/​Kanonier/​Zech (Hrsg)

The Colours of Spatial Planning

Perspectives from the TU Wien's Research Units
  • 154 Seiten, eBook
  • ISBN 978-3-7083-4151-4 (eBook)
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 21. September 2023

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Every year, an increasing number of students complete their spatial planning studies at the TU Wien to gain a foothold in professional life. Since the course of study was established, this has already added up to around 1,000 graduates. After graduation, some of them moved to other Länder or beyond the national border, yet many have not been able to 'let go' of Vienna. At any rate, one thing is clear: spatial planners operate in places where people live. A look at the spatial distribution of the population thus allows us to make a guess as to where former students of the TU Wien are 'planning space'. Even though they may operate in separate sectors, each of them has become part of a dynamic spatial planning landscape that has its roots in spatial planning studies at the TU Wien. This landscape is what the cover of this book illustrates. The dots represent TU Wien graduates. Besides, the authors who contributed to making this commemorative publication a reality are displayed in red. This English-language online edition contains the yearbook contributions by the eleven research units that have decisively shaped the course of study. The approximately 690-page German-language edition of the Spatial Planning yearbook of the Institute of Spatial Planning at TU Wien (2020), Fifty Years of Spatial Planning at TU Wien — Studying – Teaching – Research, can be requested from the publisher at the Institute of Spatial Planning.

  • Dillinger, Thomas
  • Zech, Sibylla
  • Getzner, Michael
  • Kanonier, Arthur