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European Yearbook on Human Rights 2023

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  • ISBN 978-3-7083-4197-2 (Print)
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 13. Februar 2024

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The Yearbook stimulates necessary discussions, critical thinking and further research in the field

The world is in a state of flux, and the wellbeing of humanity is challenged by old and new conflicts, climate change and a general threat to the rule of law and democracy. These challenges require novel and innovative approaches in relation to the interpretation of existing human rights frameworks if the impact of these new threats is to be mitigated. The European Yearbook on Human Rights 2023, Re-thinking Human Rights, brings together renowned scholars, practitioners and emerging voices to the discussion on the importance of changing our understanding of human rights and their fulfilment for the collective benefit of humanity in this time of constant change.

Philip Czech / Lisa Heschl / Karin Lukas / Manfred Nowak / Gerd Oberleitner